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Water Softeners, Iron, Sulphur, Tannin, Chlorine & Methane Gas Removal Systems
Water Softeners, Iron, Sulphur, Tannin, Chlorine & Methane Gas Removal Systems
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Pure North did a complete replacement of my old system. From water filtration, water conditioning to water pump & pressure tank and the difference has been great. The water pressure and filtering is great. The bonus is the great support I get from Bud when I need it. All around, a great choice for us.

– Joe Apollinaro (Campbellford)

My wife was very concerned for the children’s health primarily but also for clear water. We had allot of tannins in the water. After Pure North Water Quality installed our water treatment unit, including the R.O, all concerns were laid to rest and we we’re very satisfied with the system that was recommended , and the workmanship. Thanks very much Bud.

– Thierry (Havelock)

I would like to thank Bud Azzopardi of Pure North Water Quality for the installation of the water purification equipment in my home. Although I had a few estimates from other companies, I was very impressed with the honesty, information and most of all, the results I am now enjoying by deciding to deal with Pure North Water Quality. I highly recommend Bud and Pure North Water Quality to anyone in need of water purification. Thank you,

– Dave Burgess (Newcastle)

Pure North Water Quality has been taking care of our water treatment needs for the past few years. Being in the Banquet Hall Industry, water quality is very important to us as well as our many customers. We thank Pure North Water Quality and recommend their services to everyone.

Trillium Trails Banquet Hall (Oshawa)

My water has never been so good!! At the tap and at the refrigerator for ice too. Pure North took care of all of the set-up and piping. They have also been very responsive if we need new filters. I would recommend them!! Thanks again Bud.

– Michelle Barton (Haliburton)